Our services include behavior support, counseling, educational consultation, skills/support groups, and training.

To learn more about services and resources available:

  1. Contact us by phone or email at 425-820-4717 or
  2. We will ask some questions to help us to better understand the client’s specific needs, concerns, and any particular desired outcomes.
  3. In order to determine what services and/or resources may be helpful for the client, the person making the inquiry may also be asked to complete a referral form or to provide records for further review.
  4. Prior to initiating services, the paperwork found on the forms page must be completed and returned.

Services typically begin with the completion of a comprehensive assessment and development of a service plan, treatment plan, or positive behavior support plan. This process helps to inform recommendations for ongoing support and care; as well as, identified goals and activities for treatment.

We are a contracted provider with the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) for behavior support, counseling, and consultation services. If the client has an IFS, Basic Plus, Core, or CIIBS waiver, they may be able to access funding for these services through their waiver. Discuss options with the client’s DDA Case Manager and/or contact us for more information. To use waiver funding, all services must be pre-authorized by DDA.