Our Team


Naphtali received a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education from Seattle Pacific University in 2002. She has also obtained a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Northwest University (2008) and Washington State Professional Teacher Certification from the University of Washington (2009). During her 5 years as a special education teacher (Seattle Public Schools and Edmonds School District) she designed instruction, created and monitored individual education plans, and collaborated with parents and colleagues. She gained experience creating treatment plans, providing individual counseling and biofeedback, performing crisis intervention, and participating in wrap-around teams while completing a one year counseling internship at Children’s Institute for Learning Difference (CHILD). Following the internship, she served for two years as the Curriculum and Assessment Specialist at CHILD evaluating potential curriculum, leading a curriculum committee, and designing and implementing  training plans for each curriculum adoption. Later she served as CHILD’s Head of School for two years, managing and supervising program staff, monitoring student programs, creating school wide and student specific safety plans, coordinating with first responders, and leading team debriefings. At Frameworks CTR, Naphtali is involved with completing behavioral/mental health assessments and treatment plans, providing direct behavior support, consultation services, and individual and family therapy. In addition to providing team oversight and collaboration, she also designs and implements training, skills/support groups.


Trisa’s educational background is in special education and school psychology/counseling. She has worked in the field for over 17 years with individuals with a range of disabilities across the lifespan in a variety of settings and roles including: camp/recreational settings, teaching special education in resource and self-contained settings, and serving as a program director for a therapeutic day school. In her current role as Director at Frameworks CTR, Trisa is directly involved with development and oversight of services. She also has opportunities to participate in client review, assessments, direct support, and parent coaching. Trisa enjoys hearing each family’s unique experiences and being an active participant in assessment, problem solving, and planning to address the concerns/needs that a family is facing. She also has a strong interest in developing and connecting systems, fostering collaborative relationships and creating innovative programs to address the challenges and concerns that impact access to services and support for individuals with special needs and their caregivers.